We are living in uncertain times and as students and families are stuck at home during the coronavirus pandemic we thought it would be fun to demonstrate some basic biomechanical principles in action using commonplace items that are found around the home, to provide an understanding of the diversity of body form and how it may relate to function.

The first 2 activities show the concept of ‘mechanical advantage.’

ACTIVITY 1 Bucket Lift

ACTIVITY 2 Elbow Flex

More activities will be added….so watch this space!……………….

We have just added a DAWNDINOS Lockdown Quiz to our Activities page, for you to do at home!
All the answers can be found on this website so why not have some fun and have a go! (There is a link to the answers page at the end of the quiz if you get stuck!)
You will learn lots about the research the Dawndinos team are doing too!