We are living in uncertain times and as students and families are stuck at home during the coronavirus pandemic we thought it would be fun to demonstrate some basic biomechanical principles in action using commonplace items that are found around the home, to provide an understanding of the diversity of body form and how it may relate to function.

The first 2 activities show the concept of ‘mechanical advantage.’

ACTIVITY 1 Bucket Lift

ACTIVITY 2 Elbow Flex

DAWNDINOS Lockdown Quiz 
All the answers can be found on this website so why not have some fun and have a go! (There is a link to the answers page at the end of the quiz if you get stuck!)
You will learn lots about the research the Dawndinos team are doing too!

We have just added Archosaur Adaptations. Have fun designing your own archosaur!

What does bone shape tell you about possible animal athleticism? Check this out and explore further in our fun activity: Leg bone differences between lightly and heavily built archosaurs!

Adaptations of the Human Hand. Have fun doing the tasks!

How heavy is your Pet Dinosaur? is the latest activity just added! This is a fun, child-friendly activity by Mark David Walker, a research biologist from Sheffield. It can be done at school or at home with toy dinosaurs!

Announcing the new Dawndinos Crossword – a challenging quiz, even for dino fans. Give it your best shot! All answers can be found on this website!

Have fun with our latest activity ‘Walk the Walk!  Learn about walking by doing it!’ 

Explore locomotor biomechanics and mechanical advantage and enjoy learning about walking by doing it!

Dinosaur Balancing Game—  try out some biomechanics in an interactive online computer program!

New activity just added!…  How do scientists determine the strength of dinosaur muscles and just how powerful were the jaws of Tyrannosaurus rex? Interested to find out more? Tyrannosaurus bite