RVC Open Days

May 2019

Bones are all we have left for many fossil species. The DAWNDINOS team explained to prospective students how they are full of information which we can use to reconstruct these extinct animals and understand how they lived. Students were fascinated by the 3D printed dinosaur bones!

The researchers also showed how they simulate movement in living & extinct animals  and how we use musculoskeletal models, the laws of physics, and mathematical optimization theory to simulate and reconstruct walking, running and other movements in the archosaurs in the DAWNDINOS  study.


Dr Krijn Michel & Dr Peter Bishop on the DAWNDINOS stand


Stand 1
Professor John Hutchinson & Dr Andrew Cuff talking to prospective students about bones and simulations!


May 2017

Team Open Day 2017
DAWNDINOS team (Louise Kermode, Krijn Michel & Viv Allen) showing some of their research at the RVC Open Day, 6th May 2017