DAWNDINOS Collaborators and External Experts

We are benefitting from a very large team of scientific advisors and collaborators involved in diverse aspects of this project. Here we focus on those collaborators from outside the RVC, although numerous people at the RVC are also actively involved. Links to personal websites follow, along with brief explanations of their involvements. This list, presented in alphabetical order, will evolve over time as the project progresses and is not comprehensive.

Vivian Allen Postdoctoral Researcher on DAWNDINOS project until January 2018. (On-going collaborator)

Friedl de Groote and Antoine motte dit Falisse (KU Leuven, Belgium): Optimal control simulations

David Baier (Providence College): XROMM experimental design and analysis

Karl Bates (University of Liverpool): Poposaurus models; dynamic simulations

Bhart-Anjan Bhullar and colleagues (Yale University): scanning and modelling of numerous archosauriforms

Richard Butler (University of Birmingham): archosaur palaeobiology

Ariel Camp, Beth Brainerd, Steve Gatesy (Brown University): XROMM experimental design and analysis

Jonah Choniere and colleagues (University of the Witwatersrand): Heterodontosaurus scanning and modelling

Peter Falkingham (Liverpool John Moores University): dynamic simulations; foot-ground interactions

Iri Gill and staff (London Zoo, ZSL): crocodile care and management

Randall Irmis (University of Utah, UMNH): archosaur palaeobiology

Samuel Martin and Antoine Soler (La Ferme aux Crocodiles): crocodile care and management

Julia Molnar (Howard University/NYIT) and Stephanie Pierce (Harvard, MCZ): crocodylomorph modelling

Sterling Nesbitt and colleagues (Virginia Tech): scanning and modelling of numerous archosauriforms

Alejandro Otero (La Plata Museum/CONICET, Argentina) and Diego Pol (Museo Paleontológico Egidio Feruglio/CONICET, Argentina): Mussaurus (sauropodomorph) palaeobiology

Jeff Rankin (University of Idaho): dynamic simulations and SIMM/OpenSim modelling

Rafał Piechowski and Mateusz Talanda (University of Warsaw): Silesaurus scanning, modelling and palaeobiology

We also thank the many museum curators and other staff who have helped us to study fossil specimens.