Romain Pintore

Romain has always been passionate about the evolutionary history of archosaurs and especially dinosaurs. After studying Geosciences, he obtained his MSc in Palaeontology and Evolutionary Biology from the Paris Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle (MNHN) in 2018. During this time he took part in various studies about dinosaurs’ limb bones and 3D imaging involving functional morphology, intraspecific morphological variations and retrodeformations. In addition Romain enjoyed volunteering activities including palaeontological fieldwork and outreach with audiences from all ages and backgrounds.

His enthusiasm for the study of the functional morphology of extinct archosaurs led him to join the DAWNDINOS team for his PhD, co-supervised by Prof. John. R. Hutchinson and Dr. Alexandra Houssaye from the GRAVIBONE project at MNHN/CNRS. Romain will be studying the internal and external structure of long bones among dinosaurs and their cousins in relation to their posture.

The first part of his PhD will be spent working as a Research Assistant within the DAWNDINOS team to study the limb bones inner and outer adaptations to postural changes among early archosaurs.