Delyle Polet

Delyle has been interested in comparative biomechanics since his first undergraduate year in interdisciplinary science at the University of Alberta. Pursuing a double major in Physics and Biology, he completed research in fluid mechanics with Prof. Bruce Sutherland, and insect microstructures for efficient drop shedding with Profs. Morris Flynn and Felix Sperling.

Graduating cum laude in 2013, Delyle moved to the University of Calgary and completed a MSc in Mechanical Engineering under Prof. David Rival, studying the fluid dynamics of perching manoeuvres in birds. He then gained his PhD in Evolutionary Biology with Profs. Jessica Theodor and John Bertram in 2020. With a thesis on Models of Energetically Optimal Locomotion in Cursorial Mammals, he was looking for ways to expand his modelling capabilities before joining DAWNDINOS in 2021.

Aside from his passion for biomechanics, Delyle is a jazz musician, devoted husband, and dedicated father of 3 wonderful children.