Heterodontosaurus tucki

Early Jurassic (200-190Ma) of South Africa. It was a very small, bipedal ornithischian dinosaur, around 1.2m long and up to 3.5kg in body mass; although other heterodontosaurids were smaller.

Named because it had heterodont dentition – where there is differentiation in the teeth. In Heterodontosaurus, the upper jaw had a beak at the very front, followed by small incisor-like teeth, long canine-like tusks and then a gap (diastema) before a series of chisel-like teeth. There was a similar pattern in the lower jaw, except with a larger beak and no incisor-like teeth. These traits hint that, unlike other ornithischians, it probably had a broad diet, not just herbivory.

Artistic interpretation of Heterodontosaurus by John Conway