Postosuchus kirkpatricki

Late Triassic of North America (“Post Quarry”, in Texas). Described in 1985. Postosuchus kirkpatricki was a fairly large, carnivorous member of the group often loosely called “rauisuchians” but more specifically in a group that is likely a close relative of Crocodylomorpha like “sphenosuchians“. It has sometimes been thought to be a close relative of Poposaurus, but that remains uncertain. A second species was more recently discovered in North Carolina, and named Postosuchus alisonae. Fragmentary remains possibly pertaining to Postosuchus are known across the southern USA, the first found in 1920.

At 4-5 metres long it was remarkably large; larger than carnivorous dinosaurs known at the time. Because of its short forelimbs and hands relative to its robust hindlimbs and feet, it has been conjectured to have been bipedal but that remains underexplored. It has thick bony armour plates (osteoderms), like many pseudosuchians, across its back and a very large skull with massive jaws and teeth, reminiscent of Tyrannosaurus rex. More about it:

Artistic interpretation of Postosuchus by Scott Hartman