Extinct Archosaurs

Artistic interpretation of eleven of the archosaurs in the DAWNDINOS study; made by John Conway.

During our study we will use our modelling tools to conduct biomechanical simulations of the following fifteen Triassic (or early Jurassic) archosaurs:

Euparkeria capenesis

Riojasuchus tenuisceps

Coahomasuchus chathamensis

Gracilisuchus stipanicicorum

Batrachotomus kupferzellensis

Poposaurus gracilis

Postosuchus kirkpatricki

Sphenosuchus acutus

Scleromochlus taylori (early predecessor to pterosaurs)

Marasuchus lilloensis

Silesaurus opelensis

Heterodontosaurus tucki

Buriolestes schultzi (very early sauropodomorph)

Mussaurus patagonicus

Coelophysis bauri



Modern map landscape
Modern map shows location of some of the extinct and living animals in the DAWNDINOS study.