Late Triassic of North America. Described in 1875. Typothorax coccinarum was a type of aetosaur: a line of pseudosuchians that was herbivorous, as indicated by their small, leaf-shaped teeth and extensive bony armour (osteoderms). Unlike most aetosaurs, it did not have have large shoulder spikes, but instead had spikes off its neck. While this is a well-known aetosaur, the DAWNDINOS project will likely examine an earlier, more recently discovered form called Coahomasuchus chathamensis.

Aetosaurs are an unusual radiation of pseudosuchians that have interesting features that evolved convergently in later (Jurassic) armoured, herbivorous ornithischian dinosaurs.

Artistic interpretation of Typothorax (also based on its relative Stagonolepis) by John Conway