Answers Dawndinos Lockdown Quiz

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1. The DAWNDINOS team is testing a major hypothesis for why dinosaurs did well across the Triassic-Jurassic transition and most members of the crocodile lineage did not. What is that hypothesis?

Answer: …… Locomotor superiority hypothesis (

2. The living relatives of Triassic crocodiles include………Nile crocodiles……. and the living relatives of Triassic dinosaurs are ……Tinamous……, both of which we are looking at in our study. (

3. Which continents do our study species derive from?

Answer: … Europe, North and South America, Africa (

4. Why is the DAWNDINOS research team looking at the anatomical data from the living relatives of Triassic crocodiles and dinosaurs when the study is about extinct animals?

Answer: ……To test how well computer simulations of extinct animals might work. (

5. Why is “XROMM” (biplanar fluoroscopy) important as a scientific method?

Answer: …… It gives precise measurements of the motions of skeletal joints, without skin movement artefacts. (

6. Why do we use both experiments and computer models to study how animals work?

Answer: …Because they are complementary approaches – each gives their own unique insight the other cannot give.

7. Which early Jurassic dinosaur moved around on 4 limbs when it was born but became bipedal (moved on 2 limbs) as it grew up?

Answer: ………Mussaurus patagonicus (

DAWNDINO-whiteA-page-001 (1)8. What does the DAWNDINOS logo represent?

Answer: It represents the struggle between the dinosaurs and the crocodile-line during the Triassic-Jurassic transition, (with Pangaea in the background). (

9. What 2 methods do we use to generate digitised bones from fossil animals?

Answer: …. Computed tomography (CT) Scanning and Photogrammetry (

10. A question from our Activities page (You may like to try the activity before answering!)

When lifting a bucket of water at arms’ length our muscles operate at a _____low_____ mechanical advantage, but when lifting the bucket close to the chest our muscles operate at a ____high____ mechanical advantage.(

11. Below are artistic reconstructions of some of the extinct archosaurs we are looking at in the DAWNDINOS study. What are they called?

a) ……………….. Coelophysis


b) ………… Heterodontosaurus


c) ……………Batrachotomus


12. Among the animals we are investigating, which species was most closely related to Poposaurus?

Answer: ….. Aetosaurs and/or rauisuchians
( (see archosaur lineage on Home page)


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