Philip Morris

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PhD, MSc, BSc

Phil has a diverse research background including archaeology, palaeontology, virtual anatomy and biomechanics, and enjoys exploring all aspects of the function and evolution of skeletal anatomy.

This has taken him from the bioanthropological examination of bones from Viking burials to the virtual analysis of rodent jaws. Phil settled into a firm fascination in anatomy and biomechanics whilst studying the evolution of rodent jaw morphology during his PhD at the Hull York Medical School.

After successfully completing his doctorate, he moved to the University of South Florida to undertake a postdoctoral research project on the anatomy and biomechanics of cranial kinesis in the jaw apparatus of extant and fossil birds.

3D visualisation and virtual anatomy have played a key role in much of Phil’s research, and he’s a keen advocate for the use of virtual reconstructions of anatomy and 3D printing as methods for outreach, teaching and research.