Published Papers

Published Papers:    (also see our EU funders’ page on Open Access)

  1. Otero, A., Allen, V., Pol, D., Hutchinson, J.R. 2017. Forelimb muscle and joint actions in Archosauria: insights from Crocodylus johnstoni (Pseudosuchia) and Mussaurus patagonicus (Sauropodomorpha). PeerJ 5:e3976. Models available at Figshare: and
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  6. Otero, A., Cuff, A.R., Allen, V., Sumner-Rooney, L., Pol, D., Hutchinson, J.R. 2019. Ontogenetic changes in the body plan of the sauropodomorph dinosaur Mussaurus patagonicus reveal shifts of locomotor stance during growth. Scientific Reports 9:7614. Data available at
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  8. Hutchinson, J.R., Felkler, D., Houston, K., Chang, Y.-M., Brueggen, J., Kledzik, D. and Vliet, K.A. 2019. Divergent evolution of terrestrial locomotor abilities in extant Crocodylia. Scientific Reports 9:19302. Data available at
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