Emily Keeble


emilyEmily has always been interested in Mesozoic archosaurs and in particular their evolution throughout the Triassic period. She completed her MSci in palaeontology and evolution at the University of Bristol in 2017 where she spent her final year studying late Triassic microvertebrates from fissure fill deposits in Wales. Since graduating, she has interned at the Great Plains Dinosaur Museum in Montana where she acted as a fossil preparator primarily working on dinosaurs and enjoyed the opportunity to be involved in some fieldwork in the Hell Creek Formation.


Back in the UK, Emily has volunteered at the London Natural History Museum as a 3D surface scanning technician, digitally imaging the Pleistocene mammal collection along with some important fish holotypes; and also as a fossil preparator working mostly on a sauropod dinosaur. In 2019 she returned to Bristol for a short project imaging the dermal armour of an aetosaur from CT scans.

Emily also has an interest in science communication and outreach and  worked on the Bristol Dinosaur Project throughout her time at university and the DinoMania exhibit at Bristol Zoo in 2017. She has worked as a freelance consultant and writer for DK publishing for the past year.

Emily also does some great palaeontology outreach on Instagram: https://instagram.com/deinonychusfloof/ which she updates regularly.