Krijn Michel

PhD, MSc, BSc


Krijn did his MSc in Marine Biology in 2010 at the University of Groningen, where he was involved in research studies on filter feeding in Ghost Shrimp. He also studied the effect of knocking out the lateral line sensory system in swimming Golden Shiners, under the supervision of Dr Matthew McHenry at UC Irvine.

His interest and collaborations lead him to pursue a PhD in Functional morphology at the University of Antwerp supervised by Dr Sam Van Wassenbergh and Prof Peter Aerts. He studied the biomechanics involved in the fish feeding system, in fish known to feed on land.

Krijn first joined the RVC’s Structure and Motion Lab to aid in the study of locomotion and morphology in salamanders. Currently, Krijn is  a post-doctoral researcher working on the DAWNDINOS project.